Lucero Diana Lopez Perez

Technical and Scientific Consultant

Short Biography

I am from Nopala de Villagran, a beautiful small town 200 kms away from Mexico City. I made my BsC studies in Applied mathematics at the ITAM (Autonomous Mexican Institute of Technology), where I knew Professor Carlos Bosch Giral (articles, bio in spanish), who had a great influence in my decision to become a researcher.

Late 2000 I left my country for Paris, France, where I followed a DEA (Master) in Mathematics, Vision and Learning at the ENS Cachan. Since mid 2001 I live in the south of France, between Nice and Marseille. December 15, 2006 I defended my thesis Regularization of images defined on non-flat surfaces, directed by Rachid Deriche from the INRIA Odyssee team. After a short stay in Mexico, I came back to France in May 2007 for a postdoctoral year at the LSIS, a CNRS lab in Marseille, to work as biomedical engineer (ultrasound image regularization and segmentation for computer assisted diagnosis).

Since 2008 I work as technical and sicentific consultant, mainly for ONGs in the Public Health Sector, such as WHO, GAIN and MI.

My reseach interests are systematic reviews and meta-analysis, epidemiology, signal processing, image processing, medical imaging, MRI, fMRI, ultrasound imaging, computer assisted diagnosis (CAD), artificial intelligence, neural networks, stochastic process, partial differential equations, biomathematics, differential geometry, bioinformatics, gene expression analysis, data mining.

My other interests include world dances and photography. I am a member of Amnesty International and an anti-racism activist.

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